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Kalogerakis - Greek Dried Fruits | Argos Argolida

The company's philosophy is based on two axes.

Our main concern is the utilization of the treasures of the Greek land and their availability in the Greek market with a completely natural process, without the addition of sweeteners.

Moreover, we believe that the development must be collective, which is why we have created a network of partners throughout the country, based on our common vision of promoting the wealth of the Greek land.


The oldest way of food preservation, drying with the contribution of modern technology methods create
naturally healthy products with respect and responsibility to the Greek family.





The professional occupation of the Kalogerakis family with fresh fruit trading evolves into knowledge and love for the Greek land and its fruits. Grandfather George passes on these values to his descendants.


Entry of the second generation into the fresh fruit and vegetable marketing sector. Expansion into the preservation sector. Continuous & uninterrupted research in the field of fruit & vegetable drying.


The 3rd generation takes over the professional activity. Creation of a modern vertical unit for maintenance - drying - packaging and distribution.Responsible food technologist and modern specialized mechanical equipment guarantee the quality and safety of the products.



...and we continue
We have never stood still in all generations of the Kalogerakis family.
We are always looking for new products, new technologies with the sole purpose of always offering you the best.


The heart of production

In our vertically integrated unit, the fruits selected by our partner producers are gathered. All the successive processing stages are followed, including:

Natural drying in a protected environment
Storage of the dried fruit in special chambers
Packaging of the products in accordance with the prescribed health protocols/provision
Placing the products on the market (wholesale/retail)